Sound & energy healing

Sound medicine guides us towards inner silence. It reactivates our memories of other times, other worlds, while gently and almost in spite of ourselves, lightening our load.

Liquid Light Healing offers group Sound Baths as well as individual sessions, using Alchemy Crystal Bowls™, Arcturian healing energies and the Harmonic Egg, occasionally collaborating with artists, therapists or yoga teachers for workshops or special events.


Energy & Sound

Receive a relaxing sound treatment, regain a state of health, reconnect with your intuition, connect with your galactic origins; find the approach that resonates with you.


A multisensory immersion

Receive the sound, let yourself be enveloped and bathed by its vibratory waves, let go of the mind, soothe the body, and find a state of balance.

A crystalline pause in the heart of the city

Find your way back to yourself through the power of sound, receive a deep energetic healing session, find a moment of calm, rest & recharge


Crystal Alchemy

Meet your first bowl, complete an existing set, find the perfect bowl to accompany your instruments, discover the vast world of Alchemy crystal bowls.


Discover the art and the power of Sound

Learn the origin of Sound Medicine, its history, and its effects on the human body; discover the magic of the Alchemy crystal bowls and their specificities in order to play them.


Discover a monthly program with group Sound Baths, themed workshops and collaborations, collective healings and ceremonies.

Liquid Light Space

Liquid Light Space is a place of rest in the heart of the city of Lausanne, a peaceful sanctuary where the art of sound is celebrated, a place to meet and weave friendships. 

Joyah offers sound and energy sessions in the form of group Sound Baths with Alchemy crystal bowls, individual and duo sessions, and themed workshops. She also offers courses to learn the art of sound and sells the beautiful Crystal Tones Alchemy crystal bowls. 

New: The first Harmonic Egg in Switzerland! This technology uses sound, light and the proportions of sacred geometry to bring the body back to its natural state of health.


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