Immersion Weekend

The Immersion Weekend is a mini-training course on the art of Alchemy crystal bowls and sound therapy in the broadest sense. It is designed for practitioners and therapists from all backgrounds who wish to introduce Sound into their practice.

It’s an intimate course, limited to just 3 people, which encourages exchange and offers time for each person to discover the bowls at their own pace. In a fluid, interactive way, we’ll move from theory to practice, with lots of time for sharing.

During the weekend, you’ll be able to play the Alchemy Crystal Bowls available on site, and acquire your own if you feel like it.




  • History and basics of sound therapy
  • Introduction to Alchemy Crystal Bowls and their special features
  • Crystals, metals and materials used in the manufacture of bowls
  • Contemporary scientific discoveries about sound and frequencies
  • How to play a bowl: demonstration, practice, exercises
  • Effects on the physical, emotional and mental levels 
  • Working with intention 
  • Energy hygiene
  • Guided meditations and sound
  • Using bowls as a complement to other therapeutic approaches
  • Using bowls in individual and group sessions
  • How to play several bowls 
  • How to create sets
  • The different frequencies and their effects
  • Keys to good recording and online sessions
  • Maintenance and transport


  • A certificate of participation (a certificate of recognition of continuing education hours is available on request)
  • A gift bag 
  • A notebook
  • A printed PDF of the course


If you are a therapist or practitioner and wish to introduce Sound into your practice.

If you like to learn by doing.

If you wish to understand the art of sound therapy before acquiring one or more bowls.

If you’d like guidance on how to expand your set.


The Immersion Weekend allows you to quickly acquire knowledge and experience of the bowls, whereas the online training, which takes place over 9 weeks, allows for a more gradual integration of the content. 

Yes, you can. The Immersion Weekend is open to all, and you don’t need to have a bowl to take part. You will be able to practice with the bowls from the collection available on site.


Times : Saturday 10am-6pm + Sunday 10am-6pm

Address : Liquid Light Space, rue Centrale 10 – 6th floor, 1003 Lausanne 

Energy exchange : 690.- 

The price of the weekend will be 540.- if you decide to purchase a bowl during the course. 
The weekend price will be 440.- if you decide to purchase two or more bowls during the course.

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