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Bains sonores - bol de cristal Alchimie Lemurian Seed de Crystal Tones

In 2019, I became a distributor of Alchemy Crystal Bowls by the brand Crystal Tones, the same ones I use daily in my practice. These bowls are of exceptional quality, made in the USA, with a unique patented technique. They are created from pure quartz crystal, mixed with precious and semi-precious minerals and metals. They are infused with the highest intention.

The Alchemy Crystal Bowls are powerful instruments of transformation that accompany the vibrational changes taking place on our planet. They can be used for a personal use, as part of a meditation practice, or for groups, as a complement to yoga or any other holistic approach.

They are also valuable tools for therapists who wish to bring a new dimension to their practice. Indeed, the sound of the Alchemy crystal bowls allows an integration of the proposed treatments in depth and on several levels simultaneously, thus helping people to go through periods of change by being aligned and anchored.

The basic collection of Liquid Light Healing contains about thirty Alchemy Crystal bowls of all sizes, carefully selected. This collection is regularly enlarged with new pieces with new alloys and alchemies, and with ever higher vibrations.


Whether you are looking to meet your first bowl or already own one, I am committed to guiding you to find the energies that best suit you, and the bowl(s) that will complete your set. 

I also offer sets of three or more bowls. The sets have the particularity of allowing you to start playing right away by creating numerous melodies and sound harmonies. I choose them so that their specific alchemies blend and their notes are complementary. They also come in different sizes, which allows them to fit together like Russian dolls and to be carried in one bag.


I receive by appointment in my space in Lausanne, it is also possible to meet by Zoom.

The bowls can be sent in Switzerland and abroad (tax free).

The prices of the bowls vary according to the costs of transport, customs, as well as the exchange rate.

The first bowl consultation usually lasts between 60 to 90 minutes and is free. Consecutive consultations are charged by the hour.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email or phone.


If you would like to meet your Alchemy bowl while learning the basics of sound healing, join us for a CRYSTAL BOWL INITIATION workshop.


If you wish to offer a gift certificate for an Alchemy Crystal bowl, just send me the name of the person receiving it and the name of the person(s) offering it, as well as a postal address.

The amount of your choice can be sent by bank transfer (info on request) or by Twint at 076 456 11 27

I will send the voucher by mail to the address indicated as soon as I receive the payment. Thank you for your interest!

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