My individual sessions are intended to be an experience of transformation, healing and expansion of consciousness. It is with deep respect for your personal path and rhythm, that I share with you the guidance and messages that I receive from an opened heart space. 

My tools to guide you in this experience are energy, intention, sound & silence. 

I also offer sessions in the Harmonic Egg, a new technology that uses sound, light and sacred geometry.

Every session is unique, as it respects your intention and needs of the moment. 

Each session can take place in person or remotely.

Health is a state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, not the absence of disease. The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being.


The Harmonic Egg is an innovative technology that combines sound frequencies, light & color, and the proportions of sacred geometry. It is an egg-shaped resonance chamber built entirely in wood that envelops you completely and allows you to have a deep and restorative experience.

The Harmonic Egg was created to focus the energy of sound, light and color to de-stress, relax and repair the body. It creates a bridge between ancient wisdom and modern technology.

Once inside the Harmonic Egg, you lie comfortably in a zero-gravity chair and the light & sound frequencies create a blend of energy that stimulates your autonomic nervous system bringing homeostasis (balance) back into the body and allowing your body to self-regulate.

More information: 

The specificities of the Harmonic Egg :

  • The sessions can be reproduced consistently, they are safe and without side effects
  • This environment isolates us in our own energy, without outside influences, and produces an experience of inner balance and well-being
  • Energy & sound are focused and amplified by the size of the capsule
  • The Harmonic Egg does not use bluetooth or wifi, it is made entirely of wood (except for a few metal parts for strength) and the paint used does not contain toxic components
  • All music is specially recorded for the Harmonic Egg by authors, performers and musicians chosen by the creator Gail Lynn for their ability to generate a pure loving intention
  • The sound is uncompressed and played in the best possible quality to preserve the different frequencies created during the recording process

The Harmonic Egg can assist in healing, in stimulating rejuvenation, and in providing relief in the following situations :

  • Physical pain 
  • Managing stress, anxiety and anger
  • Coping with illness
  • Suffering from depression, grief, trauma or emotional shock
  • Coping with the challenges of attention deficit disorder, autism
  • Finding freedom from addictions
  • Managing irregular or unrefreshing sleep
  • In case of accident, surgery or physical or emotional shock – it has been observed that a session in the Harmonic Egg (or remotely) in the hours following this event contributes to a faster remission

The Harmonic Egg also assists in spiritual development, allowing us to cleanse residual ancestral memories or other energies that may be hindering the expression of our full potential. 

Many therapists, healers and holistic healers testify to the benefits of the Harmonic Egg when it comes to nourishing their physical and subtle bodies during a period of intense work.

For several years, scientific contributions from neuroscience, molecular biology and physics have supported “frequency medicine” as a legitimate alternative for healing the body. This new form of medicine is growing rapidly around the world. The Harmonic Egg can currently be found in the United States, Canada, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Peru, and the first in Switzerland, here in Lausanne!

The Harmonic Egg was created by Gail Lynn in the United States. Gail is a visionary engineer, committed to assisting the changes taking place on our planet.

We take a moment to get to know each other, and together we define your intention for the session. 

Depending on what you wish to address, specific music and a combination of colored lights are chosen, then I install you in the chair inside the Harmonic Egg. You are then immersed in sound and light for 40 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of silence that allows the body to integrate the frequencies. We then finish by sharing your experience. 

The integration time of a session is on average 5 to 7 days. It is generally suggested to wait one week between each session, unless there is an exceptional situation.

Sessions in the Harmonic Egg can take place in person or remotely.

 When this treatment is offered remotely:

Please email me a photo of the person, their date of birth, their name and their intention for the session. This photo is placed inside the Harmonic Egg for 50 minutes.

If possible, the person receiving the treatment should be in a calm and quiet place during the session, in order to have an optimal experience.

Remote sessions are therefore intended for people who are not able to travel, as well as for animals and places.

Energy exchange  

The total duration of a session is 75 minutes, to be paid in cash on the day of the session – 155.-

Pack of 3 sessions – 420.- (valid for 6 months) 

Pack of 10 sessions – 1300.- (valid for 1 year)

Family pack, 12 sessions – for 4 members of the same family (valid for 1 year) – 1560.- 

Turquoise Membership – One session per month (valid for one year) – 125.-/month 

Jade Membership – Two sessions per month (commitment for one year) – 240.-/month 


Remote session: 

One session – 135.-

Pack of 3 sessions – 360.- (valid for 6 months) 

Pack of 10 sessions – 1100.- (valid for 1 year)

Remote sessions are paid in advance. 

Packs are paid in cash or by card at the first appointment, or by bank transfer before the session. 

Memberships are paid monthly. 

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY you can reach me at +41 76 456 11 27


Some clients see improvement with just one session in the Harmonic Egg, but more frequently 3 to 10 sessions are needed depending on each person’s goals.

Our clients report feeling healing on many levels: emotional, physical and spiritual.

People often testify that this experience tends to raise their level of consciousness, which increases creative thinking and helps them heal from past trauma and limiting thoughts.

Often, during the session, smells are released from the body, indicating a detoxification.

If you suffer from claustrophobia or fear being locked in the Egg, we will leave the door open or ajar – you will benefit just as much from the session. Also, if the door is closed and you feel uncomfortable during the session, just ring the bell and we will come and open the Egg for you.  

Sessions in the Harmonic Egg are designed to be a pleasant and relaxing experience, we will do our best to make it so.

The lights (top and bottom) remain the same color throughout the session and do not move.  We determine the colors of the lights according to your intention for the session.

A full session lasts 75 minutes. 

We begin with an exchange of about 15 minutes to determine what you would like to focus on. Then you spend 50 minutes inside the Egg. The music is played for 40 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of silence. The silence allows the body to integrate the beneficial effects of sound and light. 

We conclude the session with a discussion on your experience.

The Harmonic Egg is suitable for everyone, from the youngest (baby) to the oldest, as well as pregnant women.

Animals can also be placed in the Egg from a distance. Plants or trees that need help can also benefit from a remote session.

Even our home or property sometimes needs energy and cleaning to restore its energy field. This too can be done remotely.

It is recommended that you do not receive any other energy work for 7 days following the session. Other energy modalities include acupuncture, Reiki, bioresonance, etc…

If you are a therapist, you may continue to provide care. 

It is advisable to stay well hydrated and increase your normal water intake for the days following the session. The body will need extra water to flush out toxins. If possible, drink 2-3 glasses of electrolytes per day during this period.

The floatation tanks use water. This water is filtered and contains a large quantity of salt, but it is not rid of the VIBRATION it contains. We know, thanks to Dr. Emoto’s work on water, and then that of Professor Luc Montagnier, that water has a memory. For example, when we filter heavy metals, the vibration of these metals is kept in the water.

As for the Harmonic Egg, it is made of wood. It does not retain energy information like water. Its geometric shape gives it the ability to clean itself energetically. There are no 90 degrees angles where energy can accumulate. 

(There is a lot of research on the special vibrational properties of the egg shape – including that of Victor Schauberger)

Your experience


This session combines the following approaches:

  • SOUND – with Alchemy Crystal Bowls™
  • INTENTION – with quantum practice
  • ENERGY – with the Arcturian, galactic & intergalactic healing method

The Alchemy™ Crystal Bowls are made of quartz crystal, precious and semi-precious minerals, metals and noble materials. Thanks to the continuous and harmonically rich sounds they generate, they allow you to reach a deep state of relaxation. 

The sounds have the capacity to disintegrate the energetic blockages found at different levels of your being (physical & subtle bodies) and their frequencies put your body-mind in resonance with the new frequencies of our Earth, constantly expanding. 

Each bowl is harmonized to a note corresponding to a specific energy center (also called chakra). The sounds therefore bring balance and dynamism, allowing the flow of vital energy in your body to regain fluidity and strength.

The Alchemy crystal bowls are complex tools that transmit not only the sound frequencies but also the energies of the minerals and other noble materials of which they are composed, truly acting as multidimensional tools, at several levels of your being.

The way I play and sequence the different sounds of the bowls is based on listening deeply to your energy, to what is happening in the space where we are, and to the guidance I receive always in connection with your intention.

I maintain a stable and high vibratory energy field in which the sounds become a language of Light, a multidimensional language filled with information & light codes, which acts beyond the physical dimension.

These sounds allow your body to increase its frequency or vibratory rate – following the principle of resonance – and thus, allow the galactic healing teams to intervene more easily.

To begin this session, we choose together the theme on which you wish to focus, and if appropriate, I propose a quantum technique which consists in doing an exercise of visualization and intention. This exercise makes you interact directly with the quantum field, sometimes called the field of all possibilities. These quantum techniques allow you to refine your intention and act in consciousness outside of space-time, thus modifying the circumstances of your life experience, your past-present-future simultaneously. 

If you wish, following our session, you can continue to use these techniques in your daily life.

Then, lying on a futon, you will receive a Sound Bath with Alchemy crystal bowls, simultaneously with the Arcturian energies. The sound of the bowls has the effect of relaxing you, calming your mind and soothing your nervous system. When the session is over, I leave you alone in the room for about 5 minutes, to allow you to integrate these energies gently. We end the session by sharing the messages received for you and/or intuitive guidance. 

Important: Sessions sometimes take other forms! The intuitive guidance sometimes starts right at the beginning. Sometimes the session turns into a “conversation” during which you receive energy activations and healings, and the sound part lasts a short time. Sometimes you may fall asleep. Whatever structure our session takes, the key is to keep your mind and heart open.

This session can take place in person or online. It is composed à la carte; it is therefore possible to receive the sounds of the Alchemy crystal bowls without the Arcturian healing method or the crystal bowls without the quantum practices. 

Energy exchange

A session lasts 75 minutes and can be paid in cash on the spot (or by bank transfer/credit card if the treatment is given online) – 155.-

For people who are on a conscious path of self-discovery, for people who are seeking to remember their galactic origins, for those who wish to receive an “energetic boost” to experience an opening of consciousness, to make a quantum jump. A single session has the capacity to accelerate your expansion process. However, depending on the case, regular sessions, once or twice a month, will allow you to go deeper into the transformation process and to stabilize the energetic changes.

The integration time after a session is on average 3 to 7 days. 

The following themes arise regularly : 

  • Feeling stuck in a particular pattern or situation
  • Acute sensitivity to the world around you and difficulty in dealing with it
  • Accompaniment during periods of profound change and upheaval 
  • Accompaniment in the search for your mission or life path
  • Accompaniment in finding your intuition and your conscious connection to the subtle world

Your experience


The Arcturian Healing Method is an energetic medicine that works at the multidimensional level of your being. There are a wide variety of frequencies that can be used to clear programs of all types, thought-forms, heal the physical body, rebalance the endocrine & nervous system – the frequencies are used according to the intention set at the beginning of the session.

Your entire body-mind system receives these encoded frequencies of light, activating your DNA and restoring health down to the cellular level. This usually also leads to a realignment with your higher self or soul path, and allows for greater clarity.

The energies are transmitted into the space, the room where we are, and not brought in “channel” as in some other energy methods like Reiki.

This method was created in the United States by Gene Ang, a neurobiologist by training, who practices energy medicine in Westlake Village, near Los Angeles, California.


The Arcturians who accompany me during these sessions are beings specialized in healing. They use technologies of Light and advanced approaches to work at the cellular level, right down to the DNA. They have balm techniques for our subtle bodies, others especially for our nervous system, which act on the same principle as a nourishing balm for the body. They also know how to “repair” the wounds that are located at the level of our soul by establishing a new coding, if we can say so. They are often accompanied by beings of other galactic and intergalactic origins, including Sirians and Pleiadians, who bring their own knowledge and energy signature. They work in groups of at least five individuals, and sometimes call themselves “healers of Light” or “doctors of the sky”. 

Depending on your galactic origin, beings of specific origins may join this core team to participate in your session. They communicate with you through symbols and images that speak to you, that correspond to you and that bring you confidence and comfort.

This session can take place in person (combined with the Alchemy Crystal Bowls & quantum techniques – see above) or remotely. 

When offered remotely, the Arcturian session alone, without the Alchemy Crystal Bowls, is transmitted directly. 

Once we have defined your intention by email or by phone, as well as the day and time of the session, you will be able to settle in comfortably at the time of the appointment to receive the frequencies. 

And following our appointment, you will receive in writing, the information received during the session. 

Energy exchange

The session lasts 60 minutes, and is paid by bank transfer/credit card beforehand – 135.-