Initiation workshop

This initiation workshop is designed as a moment of discovery, a condensed information and sharing. It is intended for people who wish to use a crystal bowl for a personal and/or professional practice. 

This workshop is limited to only 3 people in order to encourage exchanges and to offer time to each person to discover the bowls at his or her own pace. In a fluid and interactive way, we will cover the basics of sound healing with demonstrations and practical exercises. 

During this initiation, it is possible to play the Alchemy crystal bowls at your disposal and to acquire some if you feel like it – the purchase of a bowl is not mandatory to participate.


  • History & basis of sound therapy
  • Contemporary scientific research on sound and vibration
  • Presentation of the Alchemy crystal bowls & their specificities
  • How to play a bowl ? Demonstration, practice, exercises
  • Effects on the physical, emotional and mental levels 
  • Energetic protocols to play for oneself & for others
  • Daily energetic hygiene 
  • The place of intention
  • Using the bowls as a complement to another approach, in individual and group sessions
  • Maintenance & transportation


For those who are attracted to the vibrations of the crystal bowls and do not know where to start. For those who wish to learn more about the art of sound, the basics of sound therapy, and the Alchemy crystal bowls in particular.

Your experience

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