Sound Baths

A Sound Bath is an experience of immersion in sound. 

It is sometimes described as a sound journey, a ceremony, a meditation or even a massage… because the sound waves can reach inaccessible areas of our body. Indeed, the vibrations move through our tissues, our bones, our organs allowing us to bring back fluidity in our body, thus participating to regenerate us to the deepest of our cells and to find our natural state of health. 

The pure sound of the Alchemy Crystal Bowls™ has a unique vibratory quality. These bowls carry the energetic imprints of the minerals, metals and noble materials of which they are composed. Their high frequencies help our bodies “reset” by bringing coherence and refreshed energy.

During a group Sound Bath, you lie on a yoga mat, comfortably seated with a cushion, a blanket and possibly a small eye mask.

It is a deeply relaxing experience that allows the brain to generate Theta waves, the same waves we produce just before sleep or during deep meditation. When our brain emits these frequencies, healing can occur. The Sound Bath is often followed by a night of deep, restful sleep.


  • Release of physical/emotional blocks
  • Increased awareness 
  • Reinforced immunity
  • Relief from stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Improved mental clarity and intuition
  • A feeling of peace 
  • Access to a deep relaxation of the mind/body system
  • A harmonized nervous system

Since the beginning of 2020, I also offer online Sound Baths in French which are an opportunity to receive an energetic treatment from the comfort of your home and to listen to the recording as many times as you wish.


I also offer private and customized Sound Baths in my space in Lausanne or at your home to celebrate the arrival of a child, a union, a significant moment of passage in your life. 

A Sound Bath can also be organized in a professional setting in order to share a relaxing moment with colleagues.


If you wish to offer a moment of relaxation, just send me the name of the person receiving the gift certificate and the name of the person offering it, as well as a postal address.

The amount of your choice can be sent by bank transfer (information on request) or by Twint on 076 456 11 27

I will send the voucher by mail to the address indicated as soon as I receive the payment. Thank you for your interest!


Yes, absolutely. However, as with other energy modalities, it is recommended to avoid receiving a Sound Bath in person during the first trimester.

Yes, they are ! From about 7-8 years old. 

It is best to wait 3 weeks to 1 month after surgery.

Yoga mats, blankets and cushions are provided on site. If you wish, bring a shawl to cover yourself and what you need to be comfortable. Please remember to wear or bring a comfortable change of clothes.

You may experience a “healing crisis” in the hours, sometimes days, following the session which shows up as a body detox.

Yes, absolutely. The sounds of the bowls can have the effect of reducing the tinnitus during the session, not the other way around.

You can sit in a chair, on the floor against the wall, or in any other position that suits you. It is not mandatory to stay in the same position for the duration of the Sound Bath, feel free to change position if necessary.

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